The light of the Fleshlight … A male friend?

Fleshlight has become one of the most popular sex toys of late. More and more of you men have jumped on the bandwagon and they are currently selling like hot cakes, not only on our site, but I am sure elsewhere. So I thought I would compile some of the feedback we have received for some of the meat lamps we have sold on our site, perhaps it will be of use to anyone who is still unsure whether to invest in one or not.

what is Fleshlight?

Here is some of the feedback we have received for the meat lamps sold on our site. No names to be included, only feedback …

“I bought this about two weeks ago for my husband, I felt a little guilty about always just buying a sex toy for myself. He had no interest in it at all at first and didn’t want to approach him, but one night after our few glasses of wine. took it out and I helped her try it. Now she won’t leave it alone I am and can often feel the bed shaking at night when she has a go over it when she thinks I fall asleep. I think I might have been replaced. Hehe, what happened?

“I love that the inner tube feels very soft and the texture is just right and is even better when warmed with hot water. Slipping in it feels great, very nice and tight, with the incredible sucking sensation and the wet, slippery sound you get with real pussy. Had I been cumming like it would be out of fashion, so much better than just a hand job. ”

“I decided to buy one of these after reading a lot about them. I have a very high sex drive and a wife who just can’t keep up. A tip for anyone who has one: – place your light flesh between your mattress and your bed, instant doggy and you can thrust as hard as you like. If you don’t have one, BUY ONE !! ”

“Wow this product is amazing it is an absolute must for any frequent masturbator like me out there, not forgetting that. If you have a penis, you need to seriously get a fleshlight !!”

“At first I wasn’t too sure about buying a sex toy for myself. But I am very happy that I did, arriving in a discrete chocolate box, it was heavier than I expected, and I can’t wait to try it for the first time. The lubricant is fast and go away, no need to give compliments or buy them drinks and flowers. This has already paid for itself … I LUV IT !!! ”

“I can’t believe I’ve used my hands for years now when I could use one of these !!!”


That’s just a fraction of the feedback we have on this amazing sex toy for men, if you’re still in doubt you can take a look through our light-flesh range here.

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