Choosing a Butt Plug: Some Pointers

Do you know that there are a lot of pleasure nerve endings in the anal area? Perhaps this explains why so many people enjoy anal intercourse and various forms of anal play. If you’re interested in learning more about this erotic region, you can’t go wrong with butt plugs as a starting point. They’re one of the most common anal toys on the market. Butt plugs are designed with both novice and advanced users in mind.

Even if you’re certain you want to explore anal pleasure, you might be hesitant to get a butt plug. What exactly should you be on the lookout for? Is there anything a newbie should stay away from? I want your first butt plug purchase to be as stress-free as possible. So, before you go out and get a butt plug, look at these eight suggestions for selecting a butt plug. To help you limit your potential butt plug selections, skim through the entire article or go through it step by step. Enjoy!

Check to see if it’s suitable for anal play.

Regrettably, this must be stated. Some companies make “butt plugs” that aren’t safe to use in the butt. Make sure any anal toy you use has a wider base than the toy’s width and serves as a decent “stopping place.” The plug’s base should remain outside of the body for simple removal. So, if the toy appears to be slipping completely within the body, you might want to use a different butt plug. (Read Why You Shouldn’t Have Anal Sex for additional information on the dangers of anal play.)

Consider the Butt Plug’s Size

The most important thing about the thumb is to go smaller rather than larger. After enjoying your time with a smaller plug, you may always upgrade to a larger one. However, using a too large plug for you may make it difficult to enjoy your sessions. Before buying a toy, try anal pleasure with your fingers and then choose a toy that’s the same size as what you want with your hand. Many beginners can readily enjoy toys with a diameter of 0.75″ to 1.25″ as a rule of thumb, and going any bigger than that can be too much for some first-time explorers.

Consider where you’d like to put it on.

What you want to buy depends greatly on where you want to use your butt plug. If you’re going to wear your plug out and about, look for something made specifically for long-term use. Certain butt plug designs (especially those with little to no curvature or changing thickness) can easily slip out. If you anticipate a problem with your plug staying in, a pair of comfortably tight underpants or a butt plug harness may be a suitable complement to your purchase.

Read the Testimonials

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. For your potential butt plug, you should read the reviews. Some butt plugs are more likely to stay in than others. It might not be an issue if you plan to enjoy your plug while lying in bed with your lover. If you plan on wearing it to the store to acquire groceries, be sure the reviews agree that it fits nicely. Some individuals have been using different butt plugs for years; take advantage of their experience before buying one to ensure it’s the appropriate one for you.

Consider the Material

Butt plugs come in a variety of materials. While I will always advise you to avoid toys that contain phthalates, you still have a variety of materials to choose from. Wood, glass, silicone, plastic, rubber, jelly, and other materials can make phthalate-free butt plugs. You’ll also want to consider the cleanup. If you plan on sharing your plug with another person (such as your partner), you should use a non-porous, sterilizable material like silicone.

Rigidity should be a part of your material concerns.

Consider how rigid you’d like the material to be as you think about it. You may prefer a plug made of a flexible material that bends with your movement, especially if you’ll be wearing it out and about. More firm materials may be ideal for stationary play and prostate play, and other individuals love the sensation of a toy that doesn’t flex or yield. However, if you plan on wearing the butt plug all day, you may need something that bends with your body to maximize your comfort and pleasure.

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