7 Tips for Buying Huge Sex Toys

While many individuals are fine with average-sized sex toys, a few brave souls are determined to conquer the world’s largest sex toys. Congratulations if you consider yourself one of the conquistadors! Using huge toys provides a whole different experience than using standard-sized toys. The sensation of stretching can be wonderful, and many people enjoy the thought of having a toy to “conquer.” When it comes to stepping up in size, you don’t just want the biggest toy; you also wish for the greatest.

A Few Words on Security

Choosing a massive sex toy can take some time. You want a toy that will please you, but it should also be able to challenge you. While the collection of large sex toys isn’t as extensive as that of standard-sized devices, it can still be a difficult decision. Taking your time to consider your alternatives will guarantee that you make the best decision possible. Of course, knowing the risks associated with playing with your new toy might help you become a more informed purchaser.

The safety measures are the same whether you use huge sex toys vaginally or anally. While utilizing these enormous sex toys can help extend the area and maybe unpleasant at first, it should never be painful. It’s time to tone it down or quit if you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t go away or grows worse. Remember that your body’s size tolerance varies from day to day, and nothing stops you from going back to a larger size when it’s more comfortable. The importance of taking care of your body is paramount here. Make sure your body is fully turned on and that you’ve lubricated yourself and the toy to reduce any pain or potential complications.

Now that you’ve decided on a new toy, here are seven pointers to assist you in making your decision.

Preparation Accessorize

You might not think it matters, but having the right accessories is essential when playing with large sex toys. If you’re going to play with lengthy, thick objects in the butt, you might want to consider a pre-game enema to avoid any undesired mess. When it comes to larger toys, you’ll need a decent bottle of your favorite lubrication – and make sure there’s plenty of it. Numbing lubricants should be avoided. They not only numb the area and decrease any warning indications of overdoing it, but they also reduce enjoyment! You may also consider putting a towel under your play area; many individuals find that playing with large toys is taxing, and you might not want to get up and clean your toy right after.

Recognize Your Limits

You should have a great grasp of what your body can handle with huge sex toys, just like you should have a good idea of what your body can take with anything that may push your body to its limits. This will help you decide what kind of toy to buy. It’s always the best idea to start small; many people who appreciate the stretching sensation of large toys will gradually add more toys to their toy box as their need for stretch grows. If you’re not sure what your tolerance is, 1.5 inches in diameter is a good place to start for most newcomers. If you already know 1.5 inches is a breeze for you, go ahead and buy a bigger toy. In any case, it’s preferable to start small and work your way up than to finish up with a toy that’s too huge for you to enjoy.

Consider reducing your workload.

Tapering at the tip of your potential huge sex toy is a big topic of debate (pun intended). When a sex toy has a smaller diameter at the tip and grows larger towards the base, it is called a “taper.” Some people prefer a taper at the advice of a huge toy because it allows them to ease into the stretch, and some folks prefer thicker materials right away. A tapering sex toy is almost always advised for novices because it is much easier to insert the device slowly and avoid pain. However, think about it and find out what you want in a sex toy.

Consider the Vibrations

You might find that being pushed to your boundaries delightful and intense enough. On the other hand, some people prefer the addition of vibrations at the same time. Standard vibrating dildos are normally easy to get by, but if you start buying big sex toys, they might become tougher to come by. Either look for a large sex toy with vibrations or consider placing a different vibrator to the base of your toy (once inserted) to make it vibrate as a whole.

Consider the layout.

Huge sex toys, for some reason, seem to be a source of inspiration for a lot of manufacturers. While you might not expect to regularly see a dildo in the shape of a light bulb, huge sex toys do. Consider whether you’d want to use a creative dildo or plug instead of a regular realistic dildo or plug. Huge sex toys shaped like grenades, bombshells, fists, and more are among the cool alternatives.

Consider the Advantages of Inflatability.

Your colossal sex toy doesn’t have to be colossal, to begin with. You might want to consider the advantages of using an inflatable sex toy. While few inflatable toys are manufactured of high-quality materials, they benefit from ranging in size from little to quite enormous! (You can also use a condom to cover your toy.) When your body doesn’t want to be overly stretched, use a smaller diameter; choose a larger diameter when you want a challenge. Unlike traditional huge toys, you can fully insert the object and then expand its size while already inserted, giving you a completely different sensation.

Consider the concepts of safety and care.

Using a large sex toy necessitates more caution than using normal sex toys. After all, the whole point of huge sex toys is to stretch and push your body to its limits to experience more powerful feelings. Make sure you’ve considered safety, especially for large anal gadgets. A flared base should be present on any sex toy inserted into the butt. Make sure your flared base is substantially larger than the largest point on the butt plug as you progress to larger toys. Larger butt plugs might be more difficult to remove if you lose your grasp, and no one wants to end up in the emergency room by accident.

When it comes to huge sex toys, these seven-pointers should get you off to a good start. Remember that “big” is a relative term: you may favor a 2″ diameter stretch while someone else enjoys a 3.5″ diameter stretch. Find what makes you happy, enjoy it, and try gradually increasing the size of your toy if you think it will give you more pleasure.

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